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What happens when you take some of the hardest-working people in real estate, and create a team with them? You get CallUpGollop. Meet the CallUpGollop Team at eXp Realty. We are here to help you, buy, sell, or invest.

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Homeowners Enjoy $28K Equity Increase in the Last Year

Homeowners Gained $28K in Equity over the Past YearIf you own a home, your net worth has probably gone up a lot over the past year. Home prices have been rising, which means you're

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Real Estate Reigns as the Best Long-Term Investment

Real Estate Still Holds the Title of Best Long-Term InvestmentWith all the headlines circulating about home prices and mortgage rates, you may be asking yourself if it still makes

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Next Steps When Your House Didn't Sell

What To Do When Your House Didn’t SellIf your listing expired and your house didn’t sell, it’s totally natural to feel a mix of frustration and disappointment. And as you;

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Inspection or Appraisal: Knowing the Crucial Distinctions

The Difference Between an Inspection and an AppraisalWhen you decide to buy your first home, you may come across a number of terms and conditions you’re not familiar with. While you may

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